My headshot philosophy

Headshots are tricky beasts. For an actor, artists and increasingly other professionals, it can feel like there's a lot riding on them. Will this get me in the door? Is this really me? Am I enough? Getting headshots can be a lot fun, but they can also be really nerve-racking and sometimes scary. This is normal, it can be an experience where you feel really vulnerable. That's why it's important to me you feel safe and that we don't have a hard time limit.

A good headshot, I think, shows us who you are. In a world that would have us believe that we're never enough, it's easy to want to run, or shape-shift from you who are. But, I promise you, who you are is what is going to get you working. It's cliched but there's a lot of people trying to be someone else, but there is only one you. You are your super power as a performer, as an artist or whatever it is you're doing. It's all you.

My approach isn't to hide flaws, but rather highlight and celebrate your uniqueness and beauty. I'm not here to re-enforce cruel rhetoric that you have to be more, always more, and never who you are in this moment. It's why I keep my retouching light and natural, my shoots relaxed and fun, and my set ups simple. The things we perceive as our flaws are often the things that others see in us as the most beautiful and interesting. The things we want to hide, are often the traits that will get you through the door and into a casting directors office. Don't settle for just pretty, celebrate the extraordinary that is you.