Packages and Prices

Single Look - Natural Light

This is for the person who "Just needs one shot" or a quick update to their materials.
-Up to 45mins of shooting time
-Hair and makeup
-1 set up in natural or studio light
-Best images from the shoot delivered in high res
- 1 retouched image

$440 including GST

Standard Headshot Package

Classic mix of outdoor natural light and studio lit headshots.
-3 outfits/ set ups
-Hair and Makeup
-All your best images colour graded and duplicated in B&W
-1 image of your choice retouched


Creative, Editorial & Press Shot

Beautiful, intense, carefully planned shots that wouldn't be out of place on the cover of Vanity Fair. Show the world just what you're capable of. Perfect for press packages, show promotion, high-end online content. Email for more information.


Optional extras

Concept meeting

Complimentary. All shoots come with the option of a video or phone consultation prior to shooting.

Rush Job

You need those images tomorrow right? We've all been there. Your agent or a production calls up and says "Hey we're submitting you for this thing, do you have any recent shots?" and you're like, "Um..." Usual turnaround for images is up to 10 working days but if you need to jump the queue you have two options.

-24 hour turn around $200

-48 hour turn around $100

These are subject to availability. Unfortunately there's not always the capacity to fit in a rush edit.

These prices are additional to your chosen shoot package. T&Cs apply to all shoots and any optional extras. T&Cs are taken as read, understand and accepted at time of booking. Breaking of T &Cs carry penalties equivalent to the purchasing of the 12 month exclusive rights at the cost of $800/image with higher penalties if the image is used to promote hate speech or illegal activities, including a fee and the withdrawal of all rights to an image. If in doubt about editing an image or attribution feel free to ask.

You will find a complete list of Terms and Conditions below.


Can I bring a mate?

Of course! Shoots can be scary, bring support. Unfortunately I only have space for one extra person. The space is small. Keep in mind they won't be getting any sneaky shots on the day.

Can I get a discount?

Short answer, no. Long answer: The sessions are priced to give you the best quality at the lowest price, whilst still keeping a roof over my head and grow the business.

Photography can look like a low overhead business, but it's not. Gear depreciates and wears out, repairs, replacements and upgrades are really expensive, usually in the thousands of dollars, don't even get me started on the cost of insurance. Outside of your session time, up to 10 hours of post-production goes into the images; Careful editing, colour grading to get them close to perfect, and final retouching. There are also the thousands of hours of work and training that have contributed to the standard of work I do now. To do the shoots for cheaper would mean I'd have to take on more work to stay afloat, which means less time and potentially lower quality end product for you.

So please, pretty please do not ask for a discount, or come in with "Such and such got a shoot with you for..." or "Such and such is doing it for...". If you like a cheaper photographers work and that's the price you're able to pay, you should shoot with them. Absolutely.

Please don't ask for a discount. It tends to be a very awkward and disappointing conversation for both parties. Prices quoted are non-negotiable.

What's the difference between editing, retouching and colour grading?

I love a nerd out question!!! Editing is where I'll go through all the images, get rid of any that might be out of focus (soft focus happens to the best of us), and of the drunk or scary face photos (unless you want those ones), colour grading is where I'll make sure the colour and depth of the images are perfect, RAW images tend to come out slightly flatter than what you shoot (I get it pretty damn close in camera) but they contain all the info required to get the depth and colour you were going for. I'll go through each image we shot (sans the blurry and scary face ones) and make sure the colour is just right. Retouching is where I remove any spots, dark circles and other slight imperfections that vary on a day to day basis- like the final polish. Some photographers will interchangeably use the terms 'edit' and 'retouch', but for clarity, I like to use them like this.

Is it going to hurt?

Okay. So no one actually asks this question, but I can tell by the faces that first walk through the door there is some apprehension. This is normal, and no, I would never hurt you, not even if you stole my last mint slice biscuit.

EVERYONE feels vulnerable getting their photos taken, especially headshots. It can feel like there's so much riding on getting these shots. For actors, this is usually the first time an agent or casting director will see your face and for business folks and other artists, it's the first time your clients or audience can see you.

Being seen is scary and I promise with me you are so safe. I'll distract you with bad jokes and tea, and we can take the time we need. I never book more than one person in a day, so that each person gets the attention and time they deserve.

What should I wear?

Another zinger good question.

1. Wear something you feel comfortable in. This will make a HUGE difference to how you feel during a shoot.

2. Wear something you'd wear to a casting (actor's note here)

3. Some patterns are ok, but small dots and lines can look a little funny.

4. Do not go out and buy something new that you'll never wear again or doesn't feel like you. Make sure it's clean and ironed (I have one here if need be).

5. Wear colours that make you pop. Not sure what they are. Usually they're the colour you find yourself wearing the most (for me it's reds, greens and teals). If you're still not sure, ask your friends.

6. Some agents are big on brand. Check in with them. If you're feeling unclear ask for some references.

A note on clothing. You do not need to re-invent you for headshots. Whoever your audience is, they want to meet you. You are enough. Seriously. I know that sounds trite, but I haven't met a person that isn't interesting or engaging.

How do I choose a photographer?

This is another good one. DO NOT CHOOSE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER BECAUSE THEY ARE THE CHEAPEST. This is a bad idea.

Actors, your agent probably has a list of people they prefer, have look at who's on there and see who's images really speak to you. I know, it's a huge outlay, but as someone who works on both sides, it's worth squirrelling away your pennies to shoot with the person you want. Email them and see if you can speak to them on the phone to get a sense for their vibe. It is super important you feel comfortable with the person shooting you.

If you're wanting to break the mould and get something different, check out Instagram, ask friends.

I'm going to repeat myself again, SHOOT WITH SOMEONE WHO'S WORK YOU LOVE AND RESPECT. You will never be happy with the compromise. No, I don't care if it's not me in the end. I sincerely want you to have the experience and end result you dream of. And I'm always happy to refer other photographers if I'm not quite what you're looking for.

Should I get a make up artist.

Yes. They take a lot of pressure off. Unless you're one hundred percent comfortable doing your own. MUAs as we like to call them, also can do touch ups throughout the day and tend to pick up on things that are easily missed.

All the MUAs I work with are people I would get to do my make up. and believe me, I'm fussy AF,

Yes, you will find cheaper MUA, but it's worth paying for quality.

If you're not getting a MUA and you're not sure about where to start doing your own makeup, check out some of the great tutorials of YouTube. Sam and NIc Chapman do incredible, easy to follow ones as does Lisa Elderidge. If possible try to avoid doing heavy make up.

Can you make me look like Charlize Theron?

Are you Charlize Theron? No? Then sorry, probably not. But I can make you look your best. I've never photographed a face I didn't like.

Terms and Conditions

-Image permissions are granted for the use of personal and public promotions in print and online, where the activities of the person are legal and do not fall under the categories of hate speech or illegal activities.

-Retouching is keep simple and natural. That is blemishes that aren't usually there, reduction of dark circles under the eyes, some evening of skin tone. As a business we value celebrating the person as they are and because of that we don't do any age reduction or alteration of body shape or size.

-No additional editing or retouching is done to the images without written approval from the photographer. I'm really friendly, so if you do have editing or retouching concerns please ask.

-Turn around of graded images is up to 14 working days (although most people receive theirs within 3-5 working days).

-Turn around of retouched images can vary depending on orders from previous clients. We aim to do within two weeks, but can't always guarantee it.

-Priority retouching will be done within the agreed time frame at the quoted cost.

-Copyright of the images remain with the photographer.

-Some breaches of T&Cs with result in the client being charged the full licensing fee of an image for 12 months (around $1000 per image involved in breach).

-Repeated cancellations (more than 2) for any reason other than illness will result in the client being charged the full standard rate of the shoot. But please, if you are sick, stay at home and rest. Your health matters and so does the health of those working in the studio.

-The client acknowledges that they have seen the work on this website and are happy with the style of photography and retouching. At no time will they request that she shoots in the style of another photographer.

It is taken that these terms and conditions have been read and accepted at the time of booking. Penalties for the breaching terms and conditions apply as mentioned above.